NCMNS Greenville and Contentnea Creek provide astronomy education, environmental education, and outdoor recreation to the children, adults and families of eastern North Carolina. 

The lands around NCMNS Contentnea Creek encompass four distinct habitats: stream, forest, swamp and ponds. Each habitat is home to a variety of wildlife. So, tread lightly as you walk the trails; you never know what fascinating creatures you might come across.

NCMNS Contentnea Creek also fatures a digital planetarium and public observatory. Both are open to the public once a month durring Starry Night. Contentnea Creek has dark skies and is an excelent place to do some stargazing. You can see the Milky Way!



NCMNS Contentnea Creek provides environmental education and outdoor recreation to the children, adults and families of eastern North Carolina. Enjoy your time in nature by hiking the trails, kayaking down the creek, or by having a picnic and letting the kids unwind on the NaturePlayscape.



NCMNS Contentnea Creek offers a verity of ways to enjoy exploring the night sky. Astronomy club meetings and stargazing events are a great way to see the stars like you never have before. Even if its cloudy out you can explore the wonders of the night sky in the planetarium.

Greenville:                           Closed for Renovations

Contentnea Creek:     Monday—Sunday,   9am—5pm

Downtown Raleigh:    Monday—Saturday, 9am—5pm                                                                           Sunday, 12pm—5pm

Prairie Ridge:               Monday—Saturday, 9am—4:30pm                                                                       Sunday, 12pm—4:30pm

Whiteville:                    Tuesday—Saturday, 9am—5pm


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