Chia-yu Li Planetarium

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Public Planetarium Shows

Starry Night

Once each month the Chia-Yu Li Planetarium is open to the public on a Friday evening. Director of Astronomy Brian Baker will lead you on a tour of the night sky. Then you will get your chance to gaze through the 16-inch telescope in the Kitty and Max Joyner Observatory to see night sky like you have never seen it before! Click below to purchase your tickets.

The Hot and Energetic Universe

Explore how high-energy astrophysics plays a key role in understanding the hot and violent nature of the universe. You will be taken on a journey through our own galaxy, revealing the hidden nature of neutron stars, supernova remnants, and stars like our Sun.

The Orion Nebula

 The winter skies are home to an indelible display of bright deep space objects. Over the winter we will explore the life cycle of stars by observing the orion nebula (M42), the pleiades (M45), and the carb nebula (M1). 

Learn the autumn constellations

The winter constellations are known for having a vivid display if bright stars. These bright stars are aranged in the form a circle, which loops around Orion. Other prominent winter constellations include Canis Major, Gemini, and Taurus.